We have been TechCrunched!

Feeds 2.0 was TechCrunched earlier today! Mike, whom we had the pleasure to meet briefly at the Innovate!Europe 2006 event, has given a lots of positive comments, so we guess we’re on to something good. Thanks Mike!

We are currently on our way back home from Zaragoza, so stay tuned! We´ll be working hard to send out the first bunch of account activations as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted.


8 comments so far

  1. Technological Winter on

    Great new Web 2.0 service brought you by TechCrunch

    Feeds 2.0: A little like Searchfox
    Michael Arrington
    There are a number of exciting European startups in the consumer web space that presented at the Innovate 2006 conference in Spain this week, and I’ll be writing about a number of them.
    The first i…

  2. Michael Kamleitner on


    wish you all the best with your product and really hope to be able to test it myself very soon!!

    greetings from austria,

  3. Dennis Howlett on

    OK – wish list/how to items:
    1. How to delete feeds?
    2. How to import a set of feeds into a folder?
    3. How to move or re-organise feeds?

  4. Dennis Howlett on

    Panic over re: 1/3.

  5. Harry on

    And you have even been startup-ed!!

    Good luck to your venture! We are keeping an eye on you.

  6. David Tebbutt on


    My favourite dudes.

    Well done.

  7. Nikos Kouremenos on

    keep up

  8. Spiros on

    Great job guys!

    Would be nice to have more ventures like yours in Greece

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