Feeds 2.0 gets more than 3 million daily pageviews!

Wow! According to Alexa, Feeds 2.0 has received more than 3 million daily pageviews since its launch. See the statistics here.

Currently we are working really very hard to ensure that everything will be in perfect order once the first bunch of account activations is released. We ask for you understanding for just a little longer since the demand has exceeded all predictions!

In the meantime we also plan to post soon some really nice screenshots and a screencast so that you can can see why Feeds 2.0 is the next big thing in RSS and how it changes the user experience in a totally rewarding way!


5 comments so far

  1. Brook on

    Why use Alexa to determine your hits?

  2. Romain on

    right – Alexa is one of the worst tracker ever !
    please can i get an invite . romaingilbert [at] hotmaill [dot] com
    thx in advance

  3. feeds2 on

    Indeed both comments about Alexa are right! We know all about Alexa’s statistical accuracy. Greg Linden also has a very interesting article on the subject (http://glinden.blogspot.com/2006/05/accuracy-of-alexa-metrics.html). We posted the statistic simply because it looked interesting and explained a lot about the load that we experienced since the official launch of the service. Also we came upon the result just before we had the time to properly analyze our logs which show similar results. We will of course post more accurate results in due time.

    Romain, please do visit http://www.feeds2.com sto sign up for an account since this is the only way to ensure that your request has been registered.
    Thank you.

  4. Harry on

    Well, are you sure you are reading well that Alexa graph?
    A spike of 3 pageviews per million does not necessarily mean 3 million.
    And then again that is only the techcrunch effect – is there anybody coming back? That’s more essential for your business.
    (don’t want to sound negative – I hope you do well)

  5. feeds2 on


    Thank you for your feedback.

    As we said in a previous comment on this post we fully understand the limitations of Alexa’s statistics. We have analyzed our log files and obviously Alexa's results are overestimated. However they do show the trend caused by the "TechCrunch effect" as you rightly noticed. Obviously since there are not many things that you can do right now at Feeds 2.0 (apart from registering for a beta account) it is expected that this trend cannot keep up before we actually make the service available to the first group of users. However, as our logs show, we still get around 5000 unique visitors per day on our landing page and this is quite amazing.

    We would like of course to have been able to go public from Day 1 but limitations on our servers/hardware infrastucture have prevented us from doing so. We believe that this situation will change as soon as the first group of users actually start using the system and spread in the blogospere their first positive experiences.

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