Feeds 2.0 alive in “Five Alive” meme!

In his blog Jon Silk talks about five tools that help him keep alive in the blogosphere. He then started a meme which is currently rapidly propagating across the blogosphere by challenging famous bloggers like Robert Scoble, Hugh McLeod, Guy Kawasaki, Dennis Howlett and David Tebbutt to respond first by naming their top five tools.

Dennis Howlett (disclosure: whom we met at the Innovate!Europe 2006 event at Zaragoza in May and has been one of our first beta users) notices the lack of personalization features in the other rss aggregators that he is currently using, and in his answer has included Feeds 2.0 in his list of top-five tools! Thanks Dennis!

On the other hand, David Tebbutt (disclosure: who has been our mentor in Innovate!Europe 2006) did not include Feeds 2.0 in his list! Our only option therefore was to leave a humorous comment in his blog 🙂

We were expecting a similar humorous answer from David as well, however we were even more happily surprised by his response, since he not only praised Feeds 2.0 but he also included links to the service and to his post about Feeds 2.0 at the Information World Review blog!

Thank you Dennis and David! Zaragoza was terrific fun for us as well and we hope that you know that we think you are one TWO of the nicest and most sincere people we have ever met…


8 comments so far

  1. David Tebbutt on

    Actually, despite the grey hair, beards and glasses, I think we are two people.


  2. Nicholas Ampazis on

    Does Dennis know?


  3. David Tebbutt on

    But I am Dennis

  4. Dennis Howlett on

    Any resemblance real or imagined between Tebbo and I is a figment of everyone’s imaqination. He has more hair. I’m younger. He lives in rural splendour, I live in the middle of nowhere. He is a mentor, I don’t know the meaning of the word. Get the picture?

  5. David Tebbutt on

    Someone who likes Creme de Menthe

  6. David Tebbutt on


  7. David Tebbutt on

    Sorry – cancel the Creme de Menthe. Dennis asked what a mentor was. Nicholas can explain.

  8. Nicholas Ampazis on

    Green or white?

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