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This past week Nicholas, our CEO, was interviewed by Doug Sherrets, the co-blogger of Minority Rapport. Minority Rapport interviews Web 2.0 companies and, according to Doug, the blog’s had 13,000 readers. The interview has been very interesting since the questions were very clearly thought of and up to the point. Here they are:

  1. What is Feeds 2?
  2. What makes you unique to other personalization engines, such as Findory?
  3. What do you consider to be the best part of Feeds 2?
  4. How does the personalization engine work?
  5. What is the extent of your intellectual property? What do you holds patents for?
  6. Who do you consider to be your closest competitors?
  7. What do you think of Microsoft’s introduction of RSS to IE 7.0? How does that fit into the picture?
  8. There has been lot of criticism about “web 2.0” services not being designed for mainstream usage. How did you think about that in crafting Feeds 2?
  9. How are you or do you plan to promote Feeds 2?
  10. How do you see Feeds 2 working as an enterprise solution?
  11. Do you have venture financing?
  12. How much funding are you seeking to meet your business needs?
  13. What is the business model for Feeds 2?
  14. With enterprises, what kind of pricing model would you use?
  15. It seems Feeds 2 is addressing information overload. Do you have some more thoughts on how you think about solving information overload, and perhaps you can speak to feedback from your users with respect to the effectiveness of personalization?

You can read Doug’s post (and of course hear the podcast) here or here.


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  1. […] Check out the screencasts at the Feeds 2.0 blog, and this PDF, there is also a podcast. […]

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