Going to London

Next week I’ll be visiting London for the Online Information 2006 exhibition and conference. I’m an invited speaker at the session Strategies for using RSS to Deliver Content moderated by our mentor and dear friend David Tebbutt. My talk is entitled “The future of RSS – Creating Intelligent RSS feeds”. I will discuss the main problems that RSS techonology faces today, with special emphasis on the information overload problem which is a prohibitive factor for wide RSS adoption. I’m sure that the conference will be very interesting as well as the discussions that will take place and the whole networking atmosphere.

And while I’m at it, I’m glad to announce that I’m also an invited speaker at the London Girl Geek Dinners dinner 😉 Many thanks to Kiki Michaelidou and Sarah Blow for their kind invitation.

London Girl Geek Dinners

See you all in London,



5 comments so far

  1. David Tebbutt on

    Hey, good for you Nicholas. (ie the Geek Dinner). What a coup!!

  2. feeds2 on

    Thanks David,

    Shall I ask if I may bring a friend? 😉

  3. Kiki Michaelidou on

    It was his lucky day, i guess *smiles*
    xmmmm…we will have to break some rules for that (David coming along) though, especially as all the places are filled out.
    We will love(!!) to have David as a speaker in the new year.

  4. David Tebbutt on

    “love(!!)” eh? We don’t know each other, do we? But certainly get in touch. Email david then the usual nonsense with an at sign, then tebbo then a dot then a com. I’m in a different time zone right now, so contact is a bit weird. And I have no idea why your comment on Nicholas’ blog has only just reached me.

  5. David Tebbutt on

    Oops. I signed the last comment with a website instead of my blog.

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