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We’ve been away for a long long time (or have we?)…

Yes, we know that we have been away from blogging for a long time, almost 4 months now. In fact some people have been wondering about our current status, even fellow bloggers from our country. But, rest assured, we have not vanished, rather we have been focusing on a few issues mainly related to code development and, of course, … funding.

Now for the good news…

New features added!

We have recently added keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time by navigating you quickly through your posts / feeds. The supported keyboard shortcuts are:

j / k Read the next/previous displayed post
space / shift-space Move the page down/up
n / p Select the next/previous post without marking it as read or expanding it
o, enter Expand or collapse the selected post
i or s Mark selected post as interesting (love)
u Mark selected post as uninteresting (hate)
m Switches the read state of the selected post (read / unread)
v Read original source of the selected post in a new window (visit link)
shift-a Mark all displayed posts as read
1 Expand all displayed posts
2 Collapse all displayed posts
r Refresh the unread counts in the folder tree
g then a Go to “All posts”
g then s or i Go to “Loved posts”
g then u Go to “Ignored posts”
g then n Go to “Unread posts”
g then r Go to “Read posts”

Plans for public opening!

There is a strong evidence that we’ll get a first round of capital during the summer. This will allow us to upgrade our hardware infrastructure and bandwidth. In any case, we make plans to open Feeds 2.0 publicly by the end of August.

So after a long absence, we are back and ready to move forward.

Here’s what to look for from us in the near future:

  • Account activations of all users that have already registered for our service
  • More explanatory animations for Feeds 2.0 usage like this one
  • Attendance to future Web 2.0 conferences and events
  • A surprise

Wow, does it feel good to be back!