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Feeds 2.0 vs FeedHub

FeedHub has launched its personalized feed and recommendation product at the 2007 DEMOfall Conference. It creates a personalized RSS feed from you reading list and intelligently displays the most relevant posts.

With FeedHub, you can import your feed reading list (RSS feeds in an OPML format) and FeedHub produces a personalized feed from it. The feed can then be imported into your favorite feed reader.

Here’s how you can do exactly the same with Feeds 2.0 (if my memory serves me right, I believe that we implemented this feature more than a year ago):

a) Import your OPML list

b) Select “All posts” and then just copy the URL of the RSS icon.

c) Import your Feeds 2.0 (re-mixed and personalized) feed by pasting the above URL to your favorite feed reader. For this example I will import my personalized feed to GReader.

d) Enjoy and save time browsing your feeds.

However I like the fact that FeedHub leverages a combination between active human inputs and machine learning. It creates memes from popular bookmarking services like (Digg and Delicious) to identify articles by topic or category and is supposed to automatically discover new memes and based on the previous items a user interacted with. It strongly reminds me of the very interesting Ilya Grigorik’s aideRSS principles.

P.S. Ooops, I guess that from my personalized feed list above you can easily see what we’ve been up to recently 🙂